Size: Small

Exercise Requirements:
Some Every Day

Grooming Requirements:
Minimal to Medium depending on coat type

6 - 8 Kg (approx)

Life Span:
15 + Years (approx)

Dsc 0319b


Jack Russell Terriers grow to 10-12in
(25-30cm) in height.
They are active dogs so they need some form of
exercise – walks or playing with the owners.
Obedience training and socialisation are important for
a happy, healthy JRT. All JRTs need regular brushing
to help with shedding. They shed all year round.

Broken and rough coated dogs also need their coats
‘stripped’ regularly to keep the coat harsh and
water proof. (Ask your puppy’s breeder to
show you this grooming technique).

Jack Russell Terriers need a family that will spend
plenty of time with their active, little dog. They are
people-orientated. They are suited to older children,
but can happily live with young children so long as
they are always supervised together to prevent them
from hurting one another.

Jack Russell Terriers participate in Conformation
(Dog Shows), Obedience, Agility, Racing,
and Earthdog. The more activities, the better
for your dog! Train, train and more training for
a well-adjusted dog.

There is no such thing as a "teacup" Jack Russell Terrier.

It is a myth that smooth coat JRTs
are non-shedding. They shed all year round.

The runt of the litter will not always grow
into a smaller sized adult.

There is a perception that all small, tan and white
smooth-coated terriers are Jack Russell Terriers. 

PLEASE check that you are buying a purebred
Jack Russell Terrier by contacting the
breed club in your state.
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