known as


Whelped 9.2.2009
Bred by Donna Horne
Owned and Handled by Emma Hardcastle
Tan and White Broken Coat

Harry was named after the Hungarian born American magician
and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer noted for
his sensational escape acts – “Houdini” whose first name was “Harry”

Harry was born at Ouwitllemate Kennels early February 2009,
brother to Paris and half of the newest pair to hit the show ring.

He has a great personality and terrier temperament
already providing many laughs and
lots of affection to those around him.

While Harry is new to the show ring he is already
showing great promise winning
Baby Puppy in Show, as he bounded around
the show ring full of gusto and life.

Harry now resides with a lovely family
in North Queensland where he has
two sister jacks to play with and runs
a muck between Croydon and Cairns!

Harry will be forever missed and much loved!

A Collage of Puppy Moments!


Mum & Me at the Show!

I'm so excited!

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