Known as


Whelped on 13.12.2012
Bred, Owned & Handled by Emma Hardcastle
Tan & White Broken Coat


Indy is from our 'C' Litter and named after
car racing - named after the Indy car racing
and for her speed and agility - catch me if you can!

Indy was welcomed into the world
at Trublumate Kennels in December 2012

Indy is the daughter of 'Gypsy' and
and Keyshia's brother 'Axle'!
She has many of her fathers sweet
characteristics and Aunty Keyshia's looks.

Indy is from our third home bred
litter and has not seen much of the 
showing life due to family commitments 

However has shown great great promise in
the lure coursing world - so stay tuned as
we hope to see her get her title in 2015


Aust Ch Ouwitllemate Rouge Trader

Aust Grand CH Whatajack Fire Fly

Aust Grand CH Ozjack Dream Prince E.T

Aust CH Rosetta/JR Rookee

Aust CH Kelston/JR Ring of Roses

Aust CH Whatajack For Leafclover

Ouwitllemate Zingara

Aust CH Ouwitllemate Bitof Voodo

Erindale/JR Bravehart

Aust CH Caddarra Powern Glory

Erindale/JR Eboney

Burlee Teaks Tash

Aust CH Nikrus Cheeky Teiki

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