Please fill out the form below as I would
like to learn more about where my
precious baby is going.

This form is designed for
several reasons: So I can learn more
about you and your family and so you
can understand the commitment you
are thinking of undertaking.

A Jack Russell Terrier is not for
everyone and all parties deserve to
understand the needs of a Jack Russell
Terrier has before taking a
puppy into your home.

Please answer with complete honesty,
a puppy will grow and loose its
cuteness and a Jack Russell Terrier 
generally live between 9 to 16 years
so it is a huge commitment.

If you have any questions you wish to
ask me please feel free to contact me
and I will also answer any questions
with complete honesty.

***Please NOTE that all Trublumate
Jacks are sold on

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