My first dog Albie

I grew up on a property called
‘Quamby East’ in South East
Victoria in a small country
town called Woolsthorpe.
Growing up our pets were
fish, butterflies, horses, cows,
sheep & yabbies!

I first fell in love with the Jack
Russell Terrier when I met
David's two Jack Russell’s Molly
& Rex who came to work with him. I was
instantly taken by this little dog
with the heart & soul of a big dog!


My first JRT Banjo

Early 2004 while living in Texas,
I bought my first dog! A Bull Arab
named Albie. Albie went on to
become a great hunting dog
& a wonderful companion at home.

Almost a year later I bought my first
Jack Russell Terrier, named Banjo!
While Banjo is not a registered 
purebred he started my addiction
to this wonderful breed.

From here my love of the Jack Russell
Terrier grew, bringing me into the
showing & breeding world!
They are like chocolates to an addict...
…I could not stop at one!

Over the years that I have been showing
I have met some very wonderful and
interesting people. From within the show
ring, across the world via the internet
& some very precious pet owners,
who share a common love
– man’s best friend!
In 2010 I met and fell in love with the Australian Shepherd,
acquiring my first Aussie in 2013 from Comeby Kennels
Thus begun my journey with both
these incredible breeds
is home to a number of quality dogs
At present we have 2 Jack Russell's and 4 Aussies
Living with us here in Jimboomba
While most of my Jack's are now homebred the Aussie's
Are exclusivley from Comeby Kennels and I can't thank
Sue and Glenn Cunningham enough for the opportunity 
to own this beautiful breed and entrust us with their care.
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