Dogs on the Limited Register are considered by their breeder
to not be quite up to the standard that is required for showing or breeding.
Quite often dogs sold as ‘pets’ will be registered on the Limited Register.

It is possible to upgrade a dog from the Limited Register to the
Main Register with the breeders consent (by way of signature) for a nominal cost
within the first 12 months of the dogs life.

This means you cannot breed or register puppies from this dog or bitch puppy. 


As a responsible breeder I have followed the footsteps of breeders before me who have
put many years of experience into this breed. All my dogs are health checked for,
patella, eyes and mouth prior to breeding.

Also the utmost thought has been put into selecting each breeding pair.
Many hours of checking pedigrees and researching dominant and recessive traits
 in each parent have been undertaken. I would hate to tally the amount of money on stud fees,
travelling expenses and importation of frozen semen.

For these reasons and because I feel a responsibility to this wonderful breed
my puppies are sold on a limited (non breeding) register.
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