What Does a Litter Cost To Raise?

Before you consider breeding your own litter,
please consider how much it costs to appropriately raise a litter.
This does not account for your time or energy which all good breeders
place into raising the litter so as you receive a happy, healthy,
well adjusted puppy into your home.

Here are some typical expenses for a normal,
healthy litter of six in an area of the country with moderate
veterinary expenses (they can be as much as double this in some areas).

This is assuming:
• It is a breed with a few common genetic problems,
• No whelping complications,
• Is calculated using a moderately priced stud dog who is within driving distance
(some travel expenses to use a dog can exceed $1000).

Pre-breeding expenses for mother:

Tests for Hereditary problems - Lens Luxation - $60.00

2-4 Progesterone tests - $120 - $240

Pre-breeding exam - $ 40

Breeding expenses:

Stud fee - $1000 - $1500

2 trips by car to deliver & pick up bitch - $ 75

Pre-whelping expenses:

Whelping supplies (milk replacer, whelping pads,
alcohol wipes, disinfectant, etc) - $125

Ultrasound for mother at 4 weeks - $ 50

Ultrasound for mother during last week - $ 50

1-2 Progesterone tests during last week - $ 60- $120

Litter expenses: based on a 6 puppy litter

Dewclaws removed & vet exam for pups - $ 60

1st shots C3 ($25 per pup) - $150

Worming (at 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks) - $120

Puppy food & extra for mother during nursing - $200

Puppy pack (leash, collar, book, etc) - $25 per puppy - $150

Litter registration ($31 per pup) - $186

Micro-chipping ($30 per pup) - $180

Extra laundry, electricity, paper towels, etc - $ 50

TOTAL $2,676.00 - $3,356.00



Not included are the "capital expenditures":

• Whelping box,
• Crates,
• Bottles,
• Pens,
• Thermometer,
• Puppy feeding dishes,
• Heat lamps,
• Heating pads, etc.

Not factored into this is the average price for a championship title.

• Cost for a championship title is $2000-$3500
(or Grand Championship title; $20,000-$35,000)
in addition to the expenses listed below.

• Also not factored into this is the price for an I
mported dogs Stud fee which can be as much as $5000.

Sometimes complications during breeding and/or
whelping can increase the expense of a litter greatly.

• Artificial insemination,
• Additional progesterone testing,
• Fertility consultations,
• Caesarian sections
(which can cost between $1000.00 to $2500.00),
• Illness of the bitch or puppies

Any of these can double or triple the expenses,
not to mention the possible loss of puppies or mother.
It's a gamble.
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