Known as



Whelped:   9.03.2015
Bred & Co-owned by Glenn & Suzanne Cunningham
Co-owned & Handled by Emma Hardcastle
Red Merle, natural bob tail









Flame was welcomed into the world
at Comeby kennels in  March 2015


Flame joined the Trublumate fold late in 2016
and has been a true blessing to live with


Her loving sweet happy personality has rubbed off on

all who live or visit here.

She is the sweetest girl who loves cuddles

is affectionate towards our children and loves playing

with all the other dogs

She has been a wonderful companion 
to me, plays well with my JRT's and has
been so gentle with up and coming

While Flame has not shown much we have
has done well in the few shows we have competed in

Thankyou to Glenn & Suzanne for allowing
me to own one of their beautiful dogs.

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