Known as


Whelped on 15.05.2008
Bred & Handled by Donna Horne
Owned & Handled by Emma Hardcastle
Tan and White Broken Coat

Keyshia is named after the 2008 R&B song called “Heaven Sent”
by singer “Keyshia” Cole

Keyshia, sister to Gabby and Axel
was born at Ouwitllemate Kennels in 2008.
Since the moment she was able to move
she has not stopped, full of great terrier
energy and an affectionate nature.

Keyshia keeps us all on our toes with
great movement, a cheeky nature and
never ending batteries.

She began her show career with Emma
late 2008 showing great promise as she
kicked up her legs and strode head on into
any new challenge.

Keyshia continues to
show great promise having won a
number of in group and in show awards taking
her championship title at just 15 months.

A Collage of Puppy Moments!

Mum & Me at the Show!

Just learning to walk!

Too full!

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